Frequently asked questions

Can I assemble scaffolding?

Scaffolds less than 4 metres in height do not need to be assembled and dismantled by a certified scaffolder.  Assembly guides will be provided by Grove Scaff to facilitate this.

However any scaffold 4 metres or higher must be assembled, altered and dismantled by a scaffolder with a high risk license.  All Grove Scaff scaffolders are qualified and experienced and are able to take care of all aspects of scaffold installation to suit your exact requirements.

What is the difference between standing height and working height?

Standing height is the height at which the user stands to perform the work.  Working height is the height that the operator needs to reach.

All Grove Scaff scaffolds are referred to by the standing height.  For example a 3 metre high scaffold means the operator would stand at 3metres and be able to reach and work at 5 metres

Is aluminium scaffolding suitable for outdoor use?

Yes, Instant Access aluminium scaffolding is manufactured from high strength alloy designed to handle all weather conditions and will not rust. In addition, large wheels are provided for outdoor applications which make it easy to move on outdoor surfaces.

Is steel or aluminium scaffolding appropriate for my job?

This depends on two factors: the type of job that the scaffold is required for and the length of time it will be used.

Type of job:  Steel scaffold is heavy duty rated and suitable for applications such as brickwork and demolition whereas aluminium scaffold is light duty rated to 225kg.  This makes aluminium scaffold suitable for all internal applications and external applications such as painting, shutter installation, sign writing, roof and gutter repair, cladding and plumbing.

Length of time: Aluminium scaffolding is more expensive to hire but cheaper and quicker to erect than steel scaffolding.  This means that jobs that require scaffolding from 1 day to 1 month are generally more practical and economical using aluminium scaffold.  Steel scaffolding may be more viable for longer term jobs.

What size of scaffolding should I use for my 2 storey house?

Generally a scaffold with a platform height of 4 metres is tall enough for the user to reach the gutter line of a standard 2 storey home.  The length and width of the scaffold can be varied to meet the particular needs of the location and job.

What warranty is offered on Instant Access scaffolds?

Grove Scaff is a reseller for all Instant Access products.  Instant Access products come with a 3 year guarantee on all parts and a 10 year warranty on ribbed grip components.

What safety rules and precautions apply to the use of aluminium scaffolding?

All scaffolds supplied by Grove Scaff are compliant and built to specifications.  However it is important to be aware of the following points when using scaffolding.

  • Ensure the scaffold is complete and castor wheels are locked before using the scaffold.
  • Do not climb up the runs on the outside of the scaffold. Always access the platform from the inside via the ladder.
  • Do not exceed the specified Safe working load of 225kg per bay.
  • Do not use boxes, steps or ladders on top of the platform to gain extra height.
  • Do not move the scaffold with people or materials on it. Before moving the scaffold, ensure that it is clear of obstructions both in the air and on the ground.  Ensure castors are locked once the scaffold has been moved to the new location.

Working at heights requires great care to be taken at all times.

If you have any queries or require assistance, please call Grove Scaff on 8251 3242.