The safety, health and welfare of Grove Scaff’s employees and customers is our number one priority. Our commitment to this is demonstrated in all aspects of our business. We ensure:

  • All equipment is fully compliant to Australian Standards.
  • All scaffolders are certified and meet regularly with Management to address hazards and review outcomes.
  • Scaffolders follow a Safe Work Instruction (SWI) for the inspection of scaffolding components prior to delivery and take all reasonably practicable measures to ensure that equipment is at all times safe and serviceable.
  • Risks are assessed on all jobs and the steps to minimise or eliminate risks are addressed in either a Safe Work Method Statement or Take 5 for safety.
  • All scaffolds 4 metres and over are green-carded and signed off by one of our certified scaffolders.
  • Scaffold on long term hire is inspected every four weeks as per Australian Standards.
  • Where required by legislation, complex scaffolds are certified for safety and compliance by an engineer.
  • Policies and procedures have been developed and implemented in line with the requirements of WHS legislation.
  • Delivery vehicles are well maintained and serviced regularly.

Grove Scaff sets the benchmark for quality, service and safety in Adelaide’s aluminium scaffold sector.